What Coronavirus Or Covid-19 Did To Our Lives?

There have been over 1,051,635 reported cases, as well as almost 56,985 deaths at this time according to WHO. While experts are working tirelessly to figure out a vaccine, most of our daily routines have been interrupted.

What Coronavirus Or Covid-19 did to our lives?

Officially announce as pandemic

While world media has been discussing the spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 since January 2020, most people initially dismissed it as just a minor issue. Something that will happen with time, and "unquestionably not a disease I’ll encounter in my corner of the world”. It wasn’t until recently that more individuals have been blowing a gasket over it. On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Covid-19 was formally pronounced a pandemic. This is the word given to a disease epidemic that has spread across the globe, instead of a particular locale.

Official events are cancelled 

What Coronavirus Or Covid-19 Did To Our Lives?
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From that point forward, it appears as though measures to prevent the virus from spreading further are getting progressively drastic by the day. Both NBA and NHL seasons have been postponed. Outdoor concert events including Coachella and South by South-west have been dropped or cancelled.

Superstar with positive test

Different superstars including Tom Hanks, Kevin Durant and Idris Elba have tested positive for the virus, with incalculable others going into isolation.

Countries have shut their borders

Numerous countries have shut their fringes, denying global explorers from entering. Indeed, even the border between the United States and Canada has been briefly closed down, confining non-essential travel. The United Kingdom has additionally advised nationals to maintain a strategic distance or avoid international travel for a length of 30 days. And things have only gotten worse.

Learning institutions have closed

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Learning institutions have closed temporarily, putting students out of school. This includes both colleges and universities as well as grade schools. Back when I was a kid, the idea of school shutting down was a dream. But not being able to go outside and see friends? A nightmare!

Economies suffering

With leaders calling a state of emergency within their jurisdictions, many stores and restaurants have been closed, causing some businesses to close their doors. Not only are world economies suffering as a result, but people have retreated inside, turning their homes into temporary anti-Corona fortresses. Yes, governments across the globe have ordered their citizens to stay in doors to prevent further spreading.

Quarantine and isolation

To be clear, there is a difference between quarantine and isolation. With isolation, those with a contagious disease are separated from those who are well. But with quarantine, people who have simply been exposed to the disease are separated, with their movement restricted. The purpose is to make sure the disease won’t spread if it turns out they are in fact sick.

Grocery stores being rammed

As a result of the madness, people have stocked up on supplies. Some are anticipating being indoors for months. The scramble for essentials has resulted in grocery stores being rammed. Every basic food item you can think of is flying off the shelves. Not to mention toilet paper disappearing in an instant.


Lockdown covid-19
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Many nations have gone on lock down, requesting that people self-quarantine. Japan has ordered a 14 day quarantine for travelers arriving from nations affected by Coronavirus or Covid-19. Many European and Asian countries have also closed their borders, telling people to stay indoors. Italy has also been devastated by the virus, with over 85,388 active cases at this time.

Day by day situation

  • It began on January 31, 2020 when two Chinese tourists tested positive for Coronavirus or Covid-19 in Rome. A third case was confirmed when an Italian man returned from Wuhan.
  • Things spiraled out of control as patient upon patient began turning up. On March 8th, the Prime Minister of Italy ordered a quarantine of the country’s Northern provinces. The following day, he extended the order to all of Italy. As of March 9, the entire Italian population has been under quarantine. That’s over 60 million people! At present Italy have 119827 cases reported.
  • As of March 28, 2020, the United States is now the epicenter of the virus, with over 241703 cases reported so far. New York City has the largest number of cases reported.
  • Spain have 117710 cases reported.
  • Germany: 85778 cases reported.

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