Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

1. Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero

The Maybach Exelero concept car is most rarest car in the world and was designed for real driving, the model was commissioned by the German tire manufacturer of folder. It is not the first time that this brand has turned to Maybach to create a car for a worthy and memorable representation of new tires. As you can guess the Maybach Exelero exists in a single copy.

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

Maybach Exelero can accommodate two people and can reach speeds of up to 351 km/h. it needs only 4.4 seconds to accelerate to a 100km/h. 
It was based on the Maybach 57 but experts have worked hard to change the appearance body, as a result, they created an aggressive even slightly ominous car, natural leather neoprene aluminium and polished carbon fiber was selected for the interior black and red colors highlight the aggressiveness of the Maybach Exelero. This car was introduced in 2005. It became one of the most expensive vehicles in the world sold for 8million dollars according to submarines.

2. Zenvo st1

Zenvo st1

If you've never heard at the car manufacturer Zenvo Automotive, we're not surprised because even though this Danish brand was founded in 2004 it can't boast a wide model range. It's actually quite the opposite overall they are presented to sports hypercars but the manufacturer decided to focus on quality instead of quantity. All of these Zenvo automotive vehicles are limited edition hypercars which are tailored to meet the needs of their customers. The Zenvo st1 is the first model of the brand and although it was first showcased in 2008 it's still a car worth talking about. 

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

The top speed is 375 km/h the car goes from nought to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. This 7 liter ls7 v8 engine has a capacity of 1100 and 4 horsepower. You only need to pay 1.2million dollars to become the lucky owner of a Zenvo st1.
So there are only 15 Zenvo st1s on the planet. Amazingly each copy was assembled almost manually by a small team of 10 to 15 people. 

3. Pagani Huayra BC

Pagani Huayra BC

It was first displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. Ribisi is a modification of the base model IRA which the Italian brand Pagani has been producing since 2012 both the external and the Intel components have all been changed. Engineers have reduced the weight from 1350 to 1218kilograms.

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

The engine power has been increased from 720 to 745 horsepower. An interesting feature is the robotics sequential gearbox.
It has a lightweight design and carbon plastic synchronizers also the specialists managed to speed up gear shifting by two times. The car got its name for a reason BC are the initials of the famous car collector Betty kayo life, he was the first buyer of the brand and so the company decided to honor his memory Pagani Huayra BC is among the most expensive and rarest car in the world only twenty copies were made, all of them were sold for about 2.5million dollars.

4. McLaren Senna

McLaren Senna

Don't be fooled by the sporty appearance of this supercar even though the McLaren Senna looks like a race car, you can actually drive it on public roads. The manufacturer has made sure that it meets all of the necessary standards. When the McLaren Senna was under development the engineers at a rather ambitious goal creating a car that could deliver an impressive lap time it took a lot of hard work to achieve that goal. They needed a really lightweight car with a lot of aerodynamic elements that's exactly what the McLaren Centre has. 

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

It weighs only 1374 kilograms. The engine has been modified - it's a for Lisa twin turbocharged v8 engine that has a 7-speed double-clutch transmission - the capacity is 800 horsepower maximum speed is 340 km/h
In total 500 copies that the declarant son who had produced each one was assembled manually initially the price was about $900,000 but the last coffee was sold as an auction for two million three hundred and eighty-seven thousand dollars.

5. Lamborghini aventador svj

Lamborghini aventador svj

The Lamborghini Aventador svj the next car on our list was a limited edition of only 900 copies. It was presented relatively recently in 2018 when its outstanding features were showcased. 

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

It has a top speed of 352 km/h 770 horsepower and an impressive acceleration time of naught to 100 in only 2.8 seconds
Other interesting features include a 7-speed gearbox, an all-wheel-drive transmission, and an improved chassis. There's also an active aerodynamic system it consists of air flaps located in the front splitter as well as on the rear spoiler. This design helps to better distribute the downforce making it easier for the vehicle to perform high-speed turns.

6. Aston Martin one-77

Aston Martin one-77

The number in the name of this car hints at the number of copies that exist in the world. However, the most surprising thing is not that the Aston Martin one-77 is a limited edition but the fact that all the cars were sold a year before it was presented. The demand was not affected even by the high price of 1 million eight hundred and seventy thousand dollars per copy. So, what is so good about the Aston Martin one-77? First of all, of course, its appearance elongated headlights a texturized hood high wheel arches 20-inch rims are characteristic grille, these as well as many other interesting details turn the Aston Martin one-77 into a cart that draws stairs. If you look under the hood you'll find

Top 7 Most Rarest Car in the World - 2020

a 7.3 litre 12 cylinder engine with a capacity of 760 horsepower the torque is 750meters. The car weighs 1630kilograms and the top speed is 354 kilometers per hour. 
It seems that it's simply impossible to install something more powerful in a passenger car. It's no coincidence that it was awarded several notable Design Awards. All these features make it one of the rarest car in the world.

7. McLaren 765LT

McLaren 765LT
Image Source - Google | Image by - caranddriver

The McLaren's 765 LT is a novelty the British manufacturer McLaren planned to show these 765 LT to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2020 and although the premiere was eventually held online that didn't make the McLaren 765LT less impressive at all. The letters LT in the name are deciphered as long tail and indicate that it belongs to the corresponding series of the brand. It's a supercar designed for public roads, its predecessors are these 675 LT and 600 LT models. The McLaren 765LT is the most powerful car in its series featuring
an outstanding capacity of 765 horsepower and 800 Newton meters of torque.
 The weighs of the car has been reduced to 1229 kilograms by using a large amount of carbon fiber. They also had to give up some amenities such as air-conditioning and a stereo the things they do for maneuverability is speed right the top speed by the way is 330 km/h shipment will begin in September this year 765 copies will be released in total.

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