Important Things You Need To Know About Covid-19

I know we’re all pretty shaken up about the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as it’s been officially named.

    What exactly is Covid-19?

    Important Things You Need To Know About Covid 19

    • Coronavirus disease 2019, codenamed “Covid 19”, is a respiratory illness that rapidly spread from individual to individual.
    • The outbreak originated in Wuhan, China through wild animals sold in food markets. The virus quickly spread throughout Asia, with symptoms popping up in Thailand, Japan, and Singapore. Covid-19 is now spreading throughout the world.

    There are several ways to contract it.

    • If you are in public, it’s important to be mindful of who you’re around. The virus or infection spreads between individuals who are in close contact with one another. You may be next to a person who is infected and not even realize.

    Important Things You Need To Know About Covid-19

    This is why it’s crucial to stay 6 feet away from others at all times.
    If you are greeting a person, avoid hand to hand contact. Bumping elbows is a popular greeting at the moment.
    Although if you can avoid physical contact altogether, that may be your best choice.
    • Covid-19 can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
    • The droplets can travel through the air, landing in your nose or mouth.
    • Once inhaled, it will travel into your lungs, infecting you as well.
    • The virus is said to be at its most contagious when the host is at the peak of their illness.
    • For instance, if a person is displaying cold or fever symptoms, it is best to keep your distance. However, there are new reports stating that Covid-19 may spread before the infected person is showing symptoms.

    What also adds to the terror is that the virus can spread from contact with certain objects.

    • If a person infected with the virus touches a door knob or table, traces can remain on the object’s surface.
    • According to experts, coronavirus can last up to four hours on copper, a day on cardboard, and 3 to 4 days on plastic and stainless steel.
    • If you come in contact with these surfaces, you are at risk of transmission.

    Important Things You Need To Know About Covid 19

    This is why it’s important not to touch your face, especially areas around your eyes, nose and mouth.
    It is recommended that you wash your hands for a period of 20 seconds or longer. This should all be done with soap, might I add! If you are far from a sink, a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is perfect to carry around.
    • At this time, it would also be smart to take care of your own personal hygiene. This means to clean your home, wash your clothes and take that coveted shower.

    But what exactly are the symptoms?

    But what exactly are the symptoms

    • Well so far, they’ve been listed as cold, fever, or shortness of breath.
    • You will begin to exhibit these symptoms between 2-14 days.
    • If you believe you have the virus, make sure to isolate yourself as quickly as possible.
    • From here, contact your healthcare provider or local health authority. Give a detailed description of your symptoms. They may also ask you about your daily routine and recent travel history. This will help decide the following strategy.
    • Covid-19 is diagnosed by a healthcare provider after a test is conducted.

    The reported ages of those affected by Covid-19

    • These have been different throughout media reports.
    • From what I know, they vary from country to country.
    • In the United States for example, 80% of Coronavirus deaths have been among people aged 65 and up. The results have been similar in other countries.
    • Experts have put particular emphasis on seniors with pre-existing conditions. Keep in mind that with details still developing, these numbers are subject to change.
    • You can check your country’s stats by referring to government healthcare websites. Here are some basics that we know.
    • Evidence shows that children are at no greater risk of contracting the disease than adults. Adults make up the majority of cases.
    A study was conducted on the deaths of 44 Americans diagnosed with Covid-19. Twenty were among people aged 65 to 84. Fifteen were among those 85 or older. Of the sample recorded, nobody under the age of 19 had died from the virus. 
    • If you are living or taking care of an elderly family member, please make sure that their surroundings have been sanitized and the proper precautions have been taken when coming into contact with them.

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