Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Top 9 Features

we're gonna be taking a closer look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and top 9 best new features on this device.

1. 5g connectivity

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Top 9 Features
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  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra have the 5g connectivity, it is cool.
  • Yet we're in any event a couple of years away before it truly becomes omnipresent like 4G is and despite the fact that millimeter-wave 5g can get you fast speeds.
  • By far most of the 5g systems are just going to get somewhat quicker than 4G LTE. So yes it is cool and it does successfully future-proof the phone a little but it's not much more than a gimmick right now.

2. Calling quick share

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Top 9 Features
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  • It is a feature calling quick share which effectively boils down to airdrop for Android which is awesome.
  • But what isn't awesome is that for right now is limited to the s20 lineup only.
  • So you'll possibly have the option to utilize it if you have friends and family with s20 devices.


3. Music share

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Top 9 Features
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  • With music share you can have other people cast music through your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra into your Bluetooth speakers.
  • Your friends can just request that a new song be played on the speaker right from their phone without having to connect or set up their phone on the head unit of your car.
  • This is one of those underestimated highlights I feel that ought to be accessible on practically every phone, it's truly brilliant..

4. switch between the front and rear facing cameras

  • This highlights a unique little something that could be extremely valuable for vloggers.
  • The s20 lineup allows you to switch between the front and rear-facing cameras while you're recording video, it isn't entirely seamless because there is a slight freeze for about portion of a second when you hit the flip button.
  • But in any case, it is a feature that was already inaccessible on Android phones, without the utilization of something like an outsider application in addition to there's the way that all of the cameras on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can shoot 4k 60fps which means there won't be much variation when you switch between the front and rear-facing cameras.


5. single take

  • What it does is it to capture a series of moments using both photos and videos from all of the cameras at the same time and then sort of matches it together into a solitary library so you don't miss whatever occurs inside the frame.
  • When the library processing is finished after a few seconds it creates gifts and stylized photos and videos and afterward you can simply single out the best moments from that library.
  • This feature of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is really cool.

6. app pinning

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Top 9 Features
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  • One of my favorite features, it's called app pinning the base model s20 has 12 gigs of RAM and you can use more of that power  by compelling the phone to keep applications open for all time.
  • Applications that are pinned open quickly with no slack or no hold-up time, at all no matter how big or how small the app is.
  • For example if you play a lot of pubG mobiles you can literally keep the game on and running in the background while you do other things.
  • The base model s20 can pin up to 3 apps at one time but the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can pin up to 5 apps.

7. Pro video

  • With pro video you can change everything you have control over literally everything.
  • In Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra you’ve got white balance, autofocus, shutter speed and ISO everything except you can't shoot a que video in pro mode.

8. 30x hybrid zoom

  • The massive zoom system on the s20 lineup the s20 and s20 plus have a pretty long 30x hybrid zoom
  • It allows you to get really close to things that are barely visible with the naked eye and that's a really useful feature in my opinion.
  • There have been a lot of times where I've found it difficult to get a shot of something in the distance and the hybrid zoom helps a lot, you could even use this thing as your own portable pair of binoculars.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has an even bigger space zoom that goes up to a massive 100x hybrid base zoom.

9. 120 Hertz AMOLED

  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra come with a 120 Hertz AMOLED display
  • The phone just feels faster in every single way, animations are buttery smooth, apps feel like they opened faster and overall it just feels like the fastest Samsung phone ever made by a longshot not only that but Samsung is also up the touch sensing rate to 240 Hertz making responsiveness even faster again

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